Events - 07.07.2023 - 16:10 

Swiss Sustainable Futures Summit: Sustainability: The-Game-Changer for Business Success

We're thrilled to look back on the first-ever SWISS SUSTAINABLE FUTURES SUMMIT in Zurich - an event that truly exceeded all expectations!

This summit was hosted by the Competence Center for Social Innovation (CSI-HSG). It boasted a rich line-up of industry leaders and experts, including Kristi Budzinski from Roche, Louis-Martin Harbour from the Partners Group, Sasha Cisar from Radicant Bank, and Dr. Maximilian Richter from Switzerland Innovation Park Central. We were also delighted to have Dr. Rachel Brooks from CSI-HSG, who expertly led us through a captivating panel discussion.

The central theme of the event was "Sustainability: The Game-Changer for Business Success." Our attendees engaged in vibrant exchanges, diving deep into the core of #sustainability #in #business. We discussed and shared practical ways to not just reduce our ecological footprint, but also to increase our handprint - our positive impact on the world. This comprehensive approach opens up novel business opportunities and paves the way towards a sustainable, successful future.

Stay tuned for more insights and events from the front lines of sustainability - where business success and a healthier planet go hand in hand.