Social Innovation and Transformation

The Competence Center for Social Innovation strives to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through cross-sector collaboration.

We value broad participation and tangible impact to address grand challenges and create positive social change.

Our focus is on research, teaching and innovation. In doing so, we build bridges between academia and practice, prepare changemakers for future and current challenges, and facilitate the co-creation and scaling of impactful solutions for systems change.

Co-creation is essential for social innovation toward sustainable practices. Researchers and practitioners agree that fundamental change is needed to reduce and eliminate the harmful environmental and social impacts of our current practices. The United Nations calls on all sectors to work together for the necessary sustainability transformation. Achieving the SDGs requires cross-sector collaboration with broad participation and a focus on impact. Together, we support and create solutions that are systemic and dynamic, engage stakeholders, and promote positive social and environmental impacts.

We envision a future where our greatest challenges can only be met through collaboration and co-creation among people, organizations and sectors. By joining forces, we can drive meaningful change and create a sustainable world for all.

Our mission is to foster collaboration around the SDGs by shaping a future where individuals and organizations have the resources, mindsets, tools, and skills necessary for a sustainable world. By co-creating knowledge, we bridge diverse perspectives, leading to innovative solutions. We strengthen ecosystems for social innovation by fostering collaboration between different sectors and academia. 

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