Our research endeavors contribute to in-depth knowledge on achieving impactful outcomes. We consider research as the cornerstone of all CSI-HSG activities. Our dedicated team conducts rigorous studies and field research, focusing on various aspects of social innovation, co-creation and cross-sector collaboration.

Social Innovation, cross-sector collaboration and co-creation for impact.

As part of our research initiatives, we have ongoing Ph.D. projects. One of these projects explores the intricacies of cross-sector collaboration for impact in development cooperation, examining how diverse stakeholders can effectively come together to drive positive change. By studying the dynamics and best practices in this realm, we aim to provide valuable insights for practitioners and contribute to the advancement of cross-sector partnerships in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In addition, we have projects centered around action research for social innovation, approached from a business school perspective. Through this lens, we explore innovative methodologies and frameworks that foster social innovation and empower organizations to address societal challenges in new and effective ways. Our aim is to bridge the gap between academic research and practical application, enabling business schools to become agents of positive social change.

Furthermore, we are actively studying the potential of digital social innovation platforms. In an increasingly interconnected world, digital platforms offer new avenues for collaboration, co-creation, engagement, and impact. Our research focuses on understanding the transformative power of these platforms in driving social innovation, connecting diverse stakeholders, and amplifying the reach and effectiveness of initiatives aimed at achieving the SDGs.

By conducting cutting-edge research in these areas, we strive to influence practice and contribute to the international discourse on how to most effectively achieve the SDGs. Through our findings and insights, we aim to inform policymakers, practitioners, researchers, and citizens, fostering a more informed and impactful approach to addressing global challenges.

Contact persons

Justus von Grone


Managing Director

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Dirk Lehmkuhl

Prof. PhD

Delegate of the Steering Committee

Büro 52-5020
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