Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Leading Sustainability Transformation

Drive Sustainability forward in your Organisation

Leaders and managers across sectors are facing increasing demands to drive sustainability forward in their organisations and respond decisively to a growing global crisis. But how can we address sustainability proactively, integrating it strategically across the organisation? How can we transition our organisations from businesses that address sustainability, to sustainable businesses? What can support us in making consistent progress in the face of mounting complexity and uncertainty within and outside of our organisations?

Why This Programme Matters for Professionals and Organisations:

Designed for senior leaders and managers across industries, this programme gives you the tools and skills to anchor sustainability as a strategic cornerstone in your organisation. In this programme, you will:

  • Gain a robust understanding of sustainability governance, strategic implementation, and you will develop a compelling business case to drive your organisation's sustainability objectives forward.
  • Learn to effectively prioritise targets, measure and report on sustainability, master the strategic and operational intricacies of sustainable supply chains, and apply these insights to drive sustainable progress and business performance.
  • Learn to design and implement circular business models, leverage cross- sector partnerships, and drive entrepreneurial sustainability initiatives that balance profit with impact.
  • Develop a leadership style rooted in sustainable values, inspire teams with a compelling vision, and implement strategies for impactful change across your organisation.

The Programme

Leading Sustainability Transformation takes you from the forefront of sustainability practices today to the innovative circular solutions of tomorrow. It equips you with the knowledge and tools for personal and organisational evolution towards sustainability.

Module 1: Sustainability Governance and Strategic Business Integration, 07. - 11.04.2025
Build a robust foundation in sustainability, sustainability governance and strategy critical for today’s fast- evolving business landscapes. Seminars and casework provide essential frameworks, metrics, and strategies for sustainability governance and strategy development.

Module 2: Sustainability Metrics and Supply Chain Mastery, 21. - 23.05.2025 (online)
Delve into the quantifiable aspects
of sustainability with a focus on measurement, reporting standards, and supply chain optimisation. This module is designed to empower you with the tools to assess and report on sustainability efforts effectively, and to manage the complexities of sustainable supply chain practices.

Module 3: Circular Economy, Innovation and Ecosystems, 22. - 26.09.2025
Explore the transformative power of circular economy principles and collaboration across sectors. This module emphasises designing business models for sustainability, entrepreneurial strategies for balancing profit and impact, and engaging diverse stakeholders for co-created solutions.

Module 4: Authentic Leadership for Sustainability, 27. - 30.10.2025
Embrace leadership that's grounded in core values and vision, vital for steering complex sustainability challenges towards actionable impact. This module provides the frameworks for leading with integrity, galvanising teams, and fostering collaboration, equipping you to be an effective change-maker within your organisation and beyond.

Programme Information

Duration 17 days Degree Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)

Module 1: 07. - 11.04.2025

Module 2: 21. - 23.05.2025 (online)

Module 3: 22. - 26.09.2025

Module 4: 27. - 30.10.2025

Language English
Price CHF 16'750.- ECTS Points 10

Participants must meet both of the below criteria to be admitted for the programme:

  • Significant professional experience, ideally in a leadership role
  • Admission interview with the Programme Director
  • Decisions regarding eligibility and / or individual exceptions will be determined by the Programme Director

Are you interested in participating? If so, please contact Dr. Rachel Brooks (rachel.brooks@unisg.ch) or register directly on the following website: https://es.unisg.ch/en/executive-programme/cas-leading-the-sustainability-transformation/#intro

We also offer info events about the program. To find the dates and the possibility to register, please follow this link: https://es.unisg.ch/de/event/info-event-3-cas-leading-the-sustainability-transformation/

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